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Architeuthis is a company specialized in the development of subsea projects. More than twenty years of experience in marine design and offshore engineering allow us to offer the best solutions for the design of artificial reefs, marine parks, subsea vehicles and underwater habitats.

The company has designed and installed a set of artificial reefs in front of Monaco and participated to the conception of a leisure submarine able to reach the depth of 50 meters, etc.

A story and a team


Architect specialized in sub-sea projects and tourism. Thirty years of experience in tourism projects let him collaborate in the design of sub-sea vehicles, marine parks and artificial reefs.

Its expertise in subsea construction led him to work in different countries and with many manufacturers, such as COMEX, the world leader in underwater engineering.

Thanks to his knowledge of the marine environment, he developed new approaches integrating the biophysical data of the sites in an innovative concept for artificial reefs.


Specialized in all types of subsea operations he has acquired his knowledge collaborating many years worldwide with major companies involved in offshore deep diving activities like COMEX, HYTEC or HYMAR. He brings to the company a unique expertise in the elaboration of procedures and logistics.


Industrial designer Olivier started an atypical career with a long curriculum in arts and crafts.

He has several significant experiences in the construction sector, the industrial design and also offshore construction. These technical and practical experiences allowed him to act as a Solidworks consultant and computer graphics for various companies ranging from a jeweler in Paris to a multinational company in the defense sector.

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