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It took a year of studies and tuning for project of the Nouvelle Route du Littoral (a viaduct located in Reunion island), to give an answer matching the local biological specificity and the outstanding hundred year wave that can hit the local shore during cyclonic events. Architeuthis biologists and engineers have determined two types of artificial habitats that would match the natural cycles with a sufficient structural resistance. The "mangrove" modules also sub sub-surface modules located on the tidal zone and the "Panal" modules in glass fiber reinforced concrete located on the piles close to the seabed. Immersed on the above part of the "mangrove" modules offer a complex micro-habitat for the drifting larvae and post-larvae. The micro-habitat is adapted to the particularly small organisms in their early stages of development.

The shape of the mangrove root module with its tangled bundles matches the natural habitat.

The "mangrove module " is made up of a set of polyethylene pipes disposed in parallel with each other all around the piles. To complete the system, a geo-mat eco-nursery is set between the concrete structure and the polyethylene pipes.

The targets are the larvae and post larvae of demersal reef species.

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