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The major coastal cities did in a way authorize the degradation of the local marine environment. This new concept of artificial reef enables to program several rehabilitation phases requested by the citizens who are increasingly sensitive to environmental awareness.

A landscape and aesthetic approach allows to merge a biological production and with another economy such as recreational diving.

Other coastal areas are characterized by the relative poverty of adjacent sea beds. The HEXAPORA® standard creates oases of life which can then be used by divers.

The concept developed consists in piling a set of hexagonal slabs, separated by walls which position and number varies to offer maximum housing possibilities for the fishes in order to match as much as possible the original seabed organization.

The system allows to adapt the construction site with the different resources available : regroup a set of reefs if the surface supply allows it or by simple units if the lifting and storing systems are limited.

Such procedures are codified for the different types of implementation.

The different phases of work can be divided:

1. First stage is to conduct a feasibility study. A specialized team is sent on location to perform the first task that that determines whether or not an achievement is possible.

2. Following completion of site plans, determining specifications, application permissions, starting onshore of the construction of the different modules

3. Immersion phase and media management

4. Scientific monitoring of the project, implementation of site management, maintenance.

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