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The implementation of artificial reefs is a heavy and costly operation. The FRACTAL® module is a new concept of artificial reef designed and developed by ARCHITEUTHIS in order to significantly reduce manufacturing and launching operations costs. Such new concept keeps the objectives defined by the design of the HEXAPORA® modules, namely a landscaped artificial reef. The FRACTAL® module has even exceeded these goals, with many advantages mainly due to its geometry:

  • A manufacturing method of the parts adapted to the volume of the studied reef

  • Industrial molding simplified or artisanal "on site" manufacturing with a cheap and easy implementation of a mold.

  • A low mass leading to an easy handling on land and at sea

  • A great variety of 3D designs allowing a total flexibility to cover the seabed.

  • An easy implementation requiring light units and essay means at sea

  • A considerable wrap up volume compared to the volume of an element.

  • A possible colonized area of about 3.5 times the surface of the ground area.

Its conception is oriented towards a biological and also an architectural landscaping purpose, which are the main guidelines of ARCHITEUTHIS in the design of artificial reefs The means at sea being the most costly operation in such project, ARCHIEUTHIS has developed a laying concept requiring a minimum manpower.

The analogy with molecular chemistry identifies this type of reef and leads to imagine the architectural diversity offered. This innovative concept of artificial reef consists of interlocking slabs together with a self blocking system. The anchoring is sized in order to ensure the stability of the reef against the swell.

The interlocking system allows to conceive several basic elements leading to a "fractal" geometry. It is obvious, looking at the design of this new concept, that the possibilities in biological, landscape and architectural terms are amply sufficient to enable a final geometry totally matching the geology of the site and the development of sport diving activities. As mentioned previously the FRACTAL module has been designed to minimize the costs of its implementation. In order to cut down the costs of the equipment at sea, ARCHITEUTHIS has developed a laying concept of by group of 100 modules for a ground surface of 100 square meters. The manpower at sea as well as the time requested for these operations are reduced. One day of work is equal to the laying of 600 cubic meters of reef.

Moreover, in a constant concern for environment, eco-conception and future prospects, ARCHITEUTHIS has designed this system in order to be able to recover the modules to the surface without degradation seabed.

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