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The idea of immersing a transparent bedroom in the Aquarium of Paris Europe's largest shark tank for for the group Airbnb was suggested by the event agency Ubi Bene. The apparent simplicity of the concept quickly faced the harsh realities of physical laws, simple but relentless. The multidisciplinary skills of Architeuthis led Ubi Bene to have the company carry out this project, basic in its definition but extremely complex in its realization.

After a first visit to the aquarium, the feasibility of the project was even questioned. The cramped access and the inability to have a neighboring surface providing an assembly area next the basin were the obstacle .

After several days brainstorming, Architeuthis staff offered a bold solution.

At first a complete computer modeling of the aquarium was performed in order to control directly in 3D the kinematic movements of the different parts.

The circulation spaces were so narrow that the bedroom would need be brought in 4 pieces, resulting in a significant complexity in the designing of the seals, leading to potential leakage.

It was decided that the assembly site had to be located on the free area above the shark tank, with a major constraint as the vertical clearance (the clearance between the surface and the ceiling) was only 1.90 m, less than the height of the bedroom. To this were added several other "biological" problem such as no noise, no metal in the water to avoid exciting the exacerbated electro sensitivity of the sharks, no working time during the feeding of the sharks, etc. Also Archimedes expressed himself, to lower the chamber close to the level of the surface of the tank (the lower part of the chamber is at the depth of - 2 meters ) 13 tons of lead in 10 kg ingots were to be installed to ballast the bedroom.

Comprehensive procedures and plans were carried out, enabling the realization of the bedroom and the assembly module in the Trametal workshop located in Salon de Provence. The assembly was carried out in due time on location. A catamaran topped by a frame and supporting the floor was designed and custom built.

The narrowest tolerance calculated for the passage of the quarters of the chamber was quite tricky with its 2 mm, this was verified at that time. Once the room was assembled on the floating floor, the floor was dismantled and the Architeuthis teammates lowered by hand the 1300 lead ingots.

The result allowed Airbnb to achieve its best communication campaign since the beginning of their concept of "unusual nights".

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