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ACROPORA  (1994)

ACROPORA is a concept that was developed in 1994 as a solution for the growing deficit of boat moorings on the French Rivera.  Faced with a growing fleet of marine vehicles, an increase in wild anchoring along the coast had resulted in the degradation of the seabed and in particular had devastated the ground sea grass (posidonia oceanica).  The department of Var was therefore in need of a solution that not only allowed mooring for a growing number of boats, but one that also respected the environmental aspects of the coast line and sea bed.


Developed by our architects, ACROPORA was the proposed solution for this problem.  The ACROPORA concept consists of a floating mooring station that includes a harbour master office, basic sanitary equipment, communication systems, boat maintenance facilities and other basic services.


The following outlines the details of the ACROPORA concept. Included in the outline are possibilities for upgrade that can be used to adapt the structure for housing and entertainment on Palm Island.


Basic concept: Harbor master’s office and floating mooring station


Basic requirements for floating marine structures:

-    a minimum sea bed depth of 5m in order to provide sufficient anchoring; the anchor system depends on the type of seabed

-    calm water surface conditions

-    implementation of the mooring station close to land and harbour facilities for simple and efficient use

The floating mooring station is built on land and subsequently towed to location. It can be detachment from the mainland or connected via cat ways.


Structure, material and technical aspects

ACROPORA is a 2-level wooden structure equipped with a sun deck and view point constructed on a floating device.  


Technical details of the basic concept:

-    steel or aluminium or fibber-glass (depend of the quantity) floating triangular base (28m on each side)

-    wooden deck constructed on the floating device, covering the entire surface of the floating element

-    habitable pyramid with triangular base with 14m length of each side centred on the deck

-    height: 12m

-    ground surface of habitat: 98m²

-    living surface of habitat: 150m²



-    information point (weather forecasts, events, tourist information,…)

-    showers and sanitary equipment

-    toilets

-    bar

-    fast food restaurant

-    boat supplying services

-    communication devices (telephone, fax, …)

-    staff lodgings

-    view point

-    garbage storage

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